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We are the team behind Grand Minino Sport - a family born in different countries, with different cultures and diverse backgrounds. We love traveling and meeting new people, hearing their stories and learn from their experiences. During a visit to Lombok in 2014, swimming in an ocean filled with plastics, we were appalled by the amount of waste in the water and knew we had to put our passion for sustainability, textiles, sports, and arts to good use and make a difference to the environment.


We started looking for solutions to transform the plastic in the oceans into a new product that could be enjoyed all over again. We will forever be grateful to meet the remarkable man from Indonesia who has been creating sustainable fabrics and garments for the past 3 generations. He shares our vision of creating a better world through innovative use of plastics and other materials. He has been a true inspiration and a great partner in our journey. 

Today, we create sportswear from recycled plastics that are taken from the oceans in Indonesia. The plastic gets made into sustainable yarn and we use these raw materials to create sports apparel in an eco-sustainable way, under fair conditions and a transparent traceability. Living in Asia, we know that sportswear needs to be light and sweat absorbing. We use our knowledge of innovative technologies in the textiles industry to continuously improve our garments to bring you the most comfortable, high-quality, eco-sustainable sportswear.


We have used the tiger as our symbol. This animal, large, fast, fierce, powerful and indigenous to Indonesia, is in danger of extinction. We believe it can be saved as long as we all make every possible effort to save the environment. We will do our part in re-using the plastics of the ocean and continue our research in further innovating fabrics, making them more and more sustainable. You can do your part by wearing Grand Minino Sport clothing, helping us reduce plastic waste one item at a time.

Our online store will be opened soon on this website. For club-specific bulk orders, contact us directly at We look forward to helping your team stand out.

Martin and Diana



To create high-quality and super comfortable sportswear using innovative fabrics and beautiful designs that inspire an active lifestyle, while we minimise the impact on our environment, and provide the best service for our customers.


To be every athlete’s preferred eco-friendly

sports brand

Grand Minino Sports Clothing Soccer
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