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Plastic Bag in Ocean

Plastic Pollution

As humans, we use an excessive amount of plastics in our everyday life – they are inexpensive and durable, making them very adaptable for different uses. But plastics are slow to degrade causing them to persist in our environment and ecosystems, adversely affecting habitats, wildlife and humans.


Whilst reducing the amount of plastic used, the plastic already in the environment can also be used to reduce the volume of waste. By recycling, we contribute to environmental sustainability.

Materials Used

At Grand Minino Sport, our sports clothing is solely produced out fibre made from polyester textile waste, recycled PET bottles and popcorn waste. The fibre is blended with cotton and viscose to become fabrics to sports clothing, clothes, shoes, bags, towels and more.  Like to know more? We can provide you with detailed material information. 

GMS infographic.png


To back up our sustainable and eco-friendly material claims, we voluntary adhere to several industry standards for tracking and verifying the content of recycled materials in a final product. These standards apply to the full supply chain and addresses traceability, environmental principles, social requirements, chemical content and labelling. Grand Minino Sport strives to continually improve the sustainability of its products through new eco-friendly material innovation.

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